Tooth paste magic life hack that everyone should know

Yes, trust me when I say that most people don’t know about this toothpaste and that included me weeks before I got to know about it. Now before I share this I want to give a special shout out to quora as what am about to share with you I got to learn it from there, it's so sad I can't remember the names of the person that shared this useful info but anyways let's get to the point.

Youve been brushing your teeth wrong all along
Yes and i mean it,you probably wake up in the morning,put tooth paste on your tooth brush and then start brushing your teeth,Then after you feel that your teeth aint clean enough and this what weve been taught since childhood and it wrong.

Toothpaste is suppossed to make your teeth clean but to do its magic youll need to put it on teeth for 2 minutes and then after you me youlll be surprised how actually your teeth will become more clean free from all the yellow stains.Try this today thank me later and hope this article was informative.Dont forget to share it friends and subscribe to my news later for more content,also check out my youtube channel for more cool content thanks for passing by hope to see you next time.

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