The Head of “ Wagner Group “ Yevgeny Prigozhin shares his support for Niger’s new leader

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the "Wagner Group," recently shared his perspective on the situation in Niger, attributing the country's challenges to economic exploitation. According to Prigozhin, the relentless poverty faced by the people of Niger is closely tied to the unjust extraction and sale of natural resources, particularly uranium, by foreign companies. His comments shed light on the economic inequalities and social unrest that have plagued the nation, leading to calls for change and a desire for economic independence.

The head of the "Wagner Group," Yevgeny Prigozhin, expressed his views on the root of the problems in Niger

The Economics of Uranium Extraction

Uranium in Niger
In his statement, Prigozhin pointed out the glaring disparities in the revenues generated from uranium mining in Niger. He highlighted the case of a French company that extracted uranium and sold it on the international market for a substantial price of $218. Shockingly, Niger received only a meager $11 for the same uranium, revealing a stark contrast between the profits made by foreign companies and the benefits accruing to the indigenous population of the country.

Economic Exploitation and Its Consequences

Niger people

The vast economic disparity resulting from the exploitation of natural resources has had dire consequences for the people of Niger. The prolonged economic marginalization has driven a significant portion of the population into poverty, leading to deep-seated grievances and unrest.

Prigozhin argued that the widespread poverty provided a fertile ground for the proliferation of terrorist activities in the country. The dire economic conditions, coupled with a lack of economic opportunities, created an environment in which extremist groups thrived. This, in turn, necessitated the presence of various international forces and troops, further deepening the economic dependence and vulnerability of the nation.

The Call for Change and Economic Independence

The ousting of Niger's former president, Mohamed Bazoum, was seen by Prigozhin as a manifestation of a larger struggle for the economic independence of the country. The population's frustrations with economic injustices and external control prompted a desire for liberation and the ability to determine the fate of their natural resources. Prigozhin expressed hope for the success of the liberation movement and called for a transformation that would empower the indigenous population of Niger and secure their rightful share of the nation's wealth.

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