World Bank says Uganda's anti-LGBTQ law violates its values

The World Bank has announced its decision to suspend new lending to the Ugandan government due to concerns regarding the country's anti-LGBTQ law. The bank's move comes after a team from the World Bank conducted an assessment in Uganda following the enactment of the law in May. The team found that additional measures were necessary to ensure that ongoing projects were being implemented in alignment with the bank's established environmental and social standards.

The World Bank emphasized that the suspension of new public financing to Uganda would remain in effect until the effectiveness of these additional measures has been evaluated. The bank's decision was primarily motivated by the belief that Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act runs counter to the fundamental values of the World Bank Group.

The bank's statement made it clear that their vision to alleviate poverty while fostering a sustainable planet can only be realized if inclusivity prevails, regardless of factors such as race, gender, or sexuality. By taking this stance against Uganda's anti-LGBTQ law, the World Bank sends a strong message that it is committed to promoting values of equality and human rights in its development projects and partnerships.

This move by the World Bank also underscores the growing importance of social and ethical considerations in international lending and development efforts. As the global community continues to prioritize human rights and inclusivity, financial institutions like the World Bank are taking steps to ensure that their support aligns with these principles.

The suspension of new lending to Uganda serves as a significant statement not only against the specific anti-LGBTQ law in question but also as a broader declaration in favor of diversity, equality, and social justice. The decision highlights the World Bank's determination to uphold its values and principles in its engagement with partner countries around the world.

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